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Action Cam Pro HD Chest Mount
Action Cam Pro HD Chest Mount
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Action Cam Pro HD Chest Mount

What you get

Who for?

Skiing / Mountain Biking / Wakeboarding / Tough Mudder or Obstacle Events

We love the Chest doesn’t matter whether you’re a Mountain Biker, Skier or Wakeboarder, this is an awesome accessory for your GoPro Hero Action Camera because it allows you to shoot a perfect video angle because you get to see your Ski’s in the Powder, your arms and legs when you jump Wakeboarding or your arms, handlebars and terrain in front of you making a perfect video for you to edit.

Another massive benefit is that the cam so easy to operate the buttons because of where it’s sat.


Action Cam Pro HD Chest Mount In Action

Additional Information

NB. Includes J Clip which is important as it allows the Cam to get the perfect angle
needed to clear the Chest plate. Fully Adjustable to suit all adult sizes 


Chest Mount J Clip included Fully Adjustable
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