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MKII Action Cam FHD Bullet Camera
MKII Action Cam FHD Bullet Camera
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MKII Action Cam FHD Bullet Camera

What you get

  • Battery

          You can now replace the Battery, simple and easily.

          All rechargeable batteries have a limited shelf-life or amount of times you can recharge – it’s just the way it is.

  • Additional Power

          When you need extra battery power for a longer recording time, you can now switch to an additional battery.

  • Extended Product Life

          Once your battery dies, just buy another one and contine using your camera

Features and Spec

  • Full 1080P HD Head Camera
  • Removable Battery (add another battery quickly and easily)
  • Up to 4.30hr Record Time on one battery
  • Weatherproof with Cap with MIC open | 30m Waterproof with closed cap
  • Has Cycle Record (with a switch of a button)
  • Has Time Stamp (or you can remove it easily)
  • Has a MIC to record sound
  • Aluminium Case for durability


MKII Action Cam FHD Bullet Camera In Action

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