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Daytime Bike Light for Cycling - Front LED 80 Lumens
Daytime Bike Light for Cycling - Front LED 80 Lumens
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Daytime Bike Light for Cycling - Front LED 80 Lumens Daytime Bike Light for Cycling - Front LED 80 Lumens

What you get

Front Rechargeable Commuter / Back-up Bike Light - 80 Lumens


Our Front LED Bike Lights is ideal for Commuters - a lot of power and very bright for a small rechargeable Bike Light. The LED Light is ideal for City / Town Cycling for both Day and Night Cycling.

With it's 5 x Modes it covers everything you may need.

Eco Mode: The battery will last 7.5 hrs throwing out a steady continuous 20 lumens of light

Medium Mode: Throwing out 40 Lumens of steady continuous light and a battery lasting 4hrs, this mode is ideal for being seen on the darker streets or streets with very little lighting.

High Mode: In this mode, the light throws out 80 Lumens of Light and throws enough light ahead for country lanes.

Flash 1 Mode: Awesome for Town and City cycling. First of all, you're easily seen with the light flashing intermittently at 40 Lumens. You've got street lighting and you just need cars to see you in their mirrors, this mode is perfect for that.

Flash 2 Mode: In flash 2 mode, the LED flash and chase each other throwing out 40 Lumens with the battery lasting 4hrs


Long Cycle Rides:

If you're out for a long ride first of all it's an ideal back-up Bike Light but it can also last nearly 7hrs on Flash 1 Mode, great for murky, misty or foggy days when you're riding smaller roads and lanes, the main thing is that you will be seen.


Ideal Back-Up Bike Light:

It's the ideal back-up light for long rides or commuting. If your main Bicycle Light runs out of power, this Light is small enough to place in your pocket but big enough to cope with all conditions from country lanes to towns and cities.


- Rechargeable Battery via USB Cable

- Weatherproof

- Battery indicator showing 100%, 75%, 50%, 10% and 5% Charge left

- Fits in seconds




Low:         20 Lumens - 7hrs 30 Mins Battery run time

Medium:  40 Lumens - 4hrs Battery run time

High:        80 Lumens - 2hrs 30 Mins Battery run time

Flash 1:    40 Lumens - 6hrs 50 Mins Battery run time

Flash 2:    40 Lumens - 4hrs Battery run time


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