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Action Cam HD 120 - Cycle Helmet Camera
Action Cam HD 120 - Cycle Helmet Camera
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Action Cam HD 120 - Cycle Helmet Camera Action Cam HD 120 - Cycle Helmet Camera Action Cam HD 120 - Cycle Helmet Camera

What you get

We are selling more and more Cycle Helmet Cameras to cyclists who want to protect themselves against dangerous drivers.

We’ve also had an increasing number of our customers call up, thanking us and that the Cycle Helmet Cameras captured their accident which helped them with their insurance claim for personal injury or damage to their bikes.

Thankfully, all of our customers have not been seriously injured BUT some have expressed that without the video evidence, it would have been difficult to prove who was responsible.

What makes a good Cycle Helmet Camera?

  1. Easy to fit: All of our Cameras are easy to fit on to all Cycle Helmets and are Bullet Style in shape.
  2. They are light: Most of our Cams weigh only 60 Grams
  3. Battery vs size: The Cameras should have a good battery life. Our batteries last 2-2.5hrs – long enough to record a commute to work
  4. Will record in section videos: It’s important to record in video sections because when you’re looking to use an Action Camera to commute to work or use whilst out riding because you will have limited space on your SD Card to record the files to. When you set the Camera to “Cycle Record”, it will automatically record over the old video footage which is not needed.

The Chilli Technology Action Cam 120 HD Cycle Helmet Camera is discreet, small, has a fantastic battery life and works well for no fuss….and that’s exactly what it does.

• 720P HD Digital recording with audio

• Battery – up to 2.5 hours recording time

• 120 Degree lens

• Weighs just 60 grams!

• One touch recording with vibration record confirmation

• Plug and Play

• LED recording indicator

• Robust metal casing

• Weather proof

• Date/Time stamp on digital video (optional).

• Easy to attach / set-up


Who’s it for?


The Action Cam 120 HD Cycle Helmet Cam is fantastic for recreational cyclists or for those who commute to work on their bike and want a camera to record their journey for safety reasons.

  • It’s small (weighs just 60 grams), easy to attach which fits onto a cycle helmet in seconds (also comes with a head strap)
  • Uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which lasts up to 2.5hrs
  • Records in 720p HD and can take a Micro SD Card up to 32GB
  • Has a weather proof membrane over the MIC and seals at the lens and cap so it’s fine in snow and rain
  • Records sound and video
  • Provides simple one touch recording with vibration record confirmation



James Hirst - London

“Hey guys, just wanted to say that I love the Camera. Such great quality”

Edd Burrows -

"I purchased the Chilli Tech Cycle Helmet Camera a few months ago so that I would feel protected if, heaven forbid, I was involved in a road accident. It was a low cost alternative to others on the market, but still captured video very clearly and was great for what I needed it for.

Regrettably, I was recently involved in an accident in which I ended up on the bonnet of a car after being hit from the side. The whole experience was pretty scary, but the head cam caught everything in great detail and has acted as an unquestionable witness.

The video footage assisted me in reporting the driver to the police and is now helping me to claim compensation from the driver as it proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that they were at fault. I would recommend the Chilli Tech Camera to anyone who cycles regularly as it really does cover your back if you ever have the misfortune of being involved in an accident."


Action Cam HD 120 - Cycle Helmet Camera In Action

Easy to fit on to your Cycle Helmet and has a batery life of over 2hrs!

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