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Travel Soft Case + Pro Pole
Travel Soft Case + Pro Pole
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Travel Soft Case + Pro Pole Travel Soft Case + Pro Pole Travel Soft Case + Pro Pole Travel Soft Case + Pro Pole

What you get

Travel Soft Bag for Action Camera and your accessories / other electronics

Keep your Action Camera, Charger Cables & other Electronics packed safely whilst you travel.

The Travel Soft Case allowes you to keep your gadgets perfectly orted. The Case is optimized for Action Cameras such as the Chilli Technology Action Cam Pro or the GoPro Hero models. The case allowes you to pack your camera, chargers, adapters as well as mounts compactly and safely. It is perfect for adventurous people who like to travel and keep their gadges safe.


The Pro GoPro Extension Pole by International Snowboarder Sina Candrian, is the perfect accessory for your Gopro when you’re Snowboarding or just having fun outdoors.

Sina Candrian is an International Snowboarder who travels the world taking part in the best Snowboarding events around the world. Sina also loves her photography and video and wanted a Pro Pole that would be light, compact but was also quality.

  • Extends up to 102cm (40")
  • Compact + Portable (44.5cm / 17” Collapsed)
  • Twist Extension Locks
  • Hi-Strength
  • Lightweight (225 grams / 8oz)
  • Attaches Directly to all GoPro® HERO Cameras & other Action Cameras
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap Included
  • Capture awesome selfie, friends, family and close quarter action video/ photo shots
  • Get Closer to the Action


Travel Soft Case + Pro Pole In Action

Pro Pole + Soft Travel Bag

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