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Action Cam Pro Floaty Hand Grip
Action Cam Pro Floaty Hand Grip
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Action Cam Pro Floaty Hand Grip

What you get

Who‘s it for?

Holiday time! Great for using in the Sea and Swimming Pool

Diving / Snorkelling

We love the Floaty Handgrip because it allows you to use your Action Camera Pro in the Sea without the fear of dropping your camera and sinking all the way down to the bottom of the Seabed.

It’s also awesome in the Swimming pool because if you throw your camera in the pool, it will position your Hero Action Camera floating upside down recording all of your underwater antics.

Great for: 

  • Stable video recording in or underwater
  • Peace of mind so you don’t lose your cam to the sea.
  • Selfies jumping off the jetty into the water!

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