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Action Camera Pro II for Wakeboarding
Action Camera Pro II for Wakeboarding
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Action Camera Pro II for Wakeboarding Action Camera Pro II for Wakeboarding Action Camera Pro II for Wakeboarding Action Camera Pro II for Wakeboarding Action Camera Pro II for Wakeboarding Action Camera Pro II for Wakeboarding

What you get

What we wanted when we were looking to launch our latest Action Camera Pro HD Action Camera was simplicity – we wanted fantastic video quality with a great battery life, was simple to use and worked in all conditions - Snow, Sun, Sun and Snow, overcast cloudy days and in water.

We also wanted a re-placeable Battery and be able to shoot Timelapse videos.

Boom – we got it. We absolutely love this Action Camera and this is one we use ourselves all the time.

What’s it got?

Full HD 1080p Video with a HDMI out so you can play it straight from your camera and on to your TV.

You can switch to 720p HD but increase the Frame rate from 30 frames per second to 60frames per second so you get that a smoother video when you edit using slow motion or if you’re filming that action footage at a fast moving speed, you’ll get more detail…you can even shoot VGA at 120fps!!

Battery life is great for its size with 1.5hrs which completed a full day recording whilst out on the Ski Slopes – we never leave the camera recording anyway, we just switch on when we need, record, do the run, stop recording…simple. It’s easier to edit and find videos of the action you need also as you have lots of small files to watch instead of one long file which needs lots of editing / cutting.

Waterproof to 30m – you can use this cam Scuba diving, it comes with a Waterproof Case and ready to dive or just have some fun in the water Wakeboarding.

Lots and lots of accessories available…and the camera fits standard “YOU KNOW WHO” accessories. If you’re unsure who the “YOU KNOW WHO” is – email us :)

The more accessories you have, the more versatile your camera is and where you can use it.

Worked well in all conditions. Works in Bright Sunlight and Snow just beautifully (colours are great). Worked well when it snowed (we have some awesome selfies taken as we Snowboarded down in the snow). Works well in in the car where it is dark inside, but bright outside – basically, the Auto sensor worked a treat and you’ll capture great Video whatever the conditions.


You have a software system which is uncomplicated, easy to use and change settings but you can also watch and playback files on the 2” LCD Screen display…yes, that’s right, it comes with a 2” LCD Screen…you don’t need to buy one (it sounds daft, but some cameras you do!)

Other stuff…

You can invert the video recording so if your camera is upside down inside a car roll bar, it captures the video the right way up for you.

You can set the LCD to turn off in 1 minute / 2 minute to increase your battery life

You can set to Cycle Record to overwrite old videos

You can capture Time Lapse Videos


Action Camera Pro II for Wakeboarding In Action

WMSKI Wakeboarding at Hip-Notics Turkey using the Pro Cam....

Product Spec

More about Action Camera Pro II for Wakeboarding

Video format H.264 / .MP4
Video resolution 1080p @ 30fps & 720p @ 60fps
Photo resolution 5 Megapixel
Display 2" TFT
Battery Rechargeable | Replaceable 1000 mAh / 1.5hrs working time
Dimensions 53mm x 39mm x 51mm (without waterproof case)
Lens 170 degrees
Microphone Inbuilt
Storage Type Upto 32GB Micro SD Card Class 6 and above
Waterproof To 30m in waterproof case
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